10 fundamental reasons of Muslim Ummah Why does need Co-operation of the Great Britain’s.



Muslim countries need the support and supervision Of Great Britain For reconstruction and development of their Educational, economic and social structures in a modern and accurate manner.

1….Only Great Britain is mentally more compatible   With Muslims Than all other developed countries.

2…. Only Great Britain is the Main Center of development the Modern Educational, economic and social infrastructure throughout the world.

3…. In Great Britain the Muslims are more Informed, dynamic, advanced and are free in their religious affairs

4…. Only the Great Britain’s judiciary system is established on moral grounds, and the superior morality is the Main purpose of Islam.

5…  Great Britain is only the most successful   Education and Training Centre of prominent social and political figures of the Islamic worlds.

6….  Great Britain evens the center of today’s   active pure religious and political figures of Muslims countries although across the Europe facing the most of terrorism threats.

7….Britain’s magnificent memorabilia of educational, economic and social has doubled than the total number of all other in Muslim countries

8… only the Great Britain roots are deeper than the sea in Muslim society and have in our schools. In our Books, in our offices, our homes, in our dress, our language, departments   in our Streets, cities and even in our heart and mind.

9…. Only the Great Britain has Best Contribution in re-introduction of Islamic traditions based on    Philosophy and culture to the modern world.

10….Britain and the Muslim know each other through the centuries and for mutually closeness need not third party.




The social behaviors Difference between the people of USA and the UK

1, Britain’s temperament is like a Sufi,
    and American temperament is Like a Wahhabi

2, British people speak slowly Talk softly and sweetly.

3, British people love to be quiet

4, British are more considerate on human emotions and feelings 

5. Britain is working to peak the human values
    U.S. wants injecting the values by power

6, British woman is more attractive and loyal,

   You may love her just from the heart.

7, British people’s faces are different from all other white

8, the British quickly try to say thanks 

9, British sense of humor is more delectated

10, Britain monitoring ground realities and resources.
      But The U.S. is drawn in Space

 (There are pleasures with water and soil  But are not in Space and light)

11, there is a God of the British But U.S. still searching for God’s

12, Aroma of the past exists in the heart of British.
      But American mind is roaming around the future map.

13, British, Have more knowledge and awareness of world affairs

14, British, Decides the best in difficult situations

15, by nature The British are soft and favor

16. United Kingdom wants that Machinery to be controlled by human

      Beings, However the U.S should going to controlled the human beings

       By Machinery

17. The American people take less time for cooking and eating

18.  The British people are usually more reliable

19.  American people are expressing their anger quickly

 20. If everybody in the world be given a fair opportunity to select

            The one of these two as your Friends,

        Over seventy percent would prefer the British.


                                                Important note:

                 I am very sorry, as yet I cannot resolve the question that

“What is the difference in the method of laughing and smiling between the two nations?”